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mmerse yourself in a world of enchanting stories, exciting games, and captivating crafts at our playshop. We host storytelling sessions, art workshops, and other fun activities to help kids unleash their creativity.

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PLAY Outdoors


uzz around at the Bahay Pukyutan! This playground was inspired by a design by the late National Artist for Architecture Francisco T. Mañosa.

It was built so that kids could pick up valuable life lessons, from physical skills to the importance of sharing the space, cooperation, and harmony.

venue rentals

Celebrate your birthday or special event at Museo Pambata! Our spaces are open to rentals for eight hours at a time. Contact us to inquire about our rates.


  • Basic Sound System
  • 50 pax museum tour
  • Good for 80 - 100 pax


  • 15 pax museum tour
  • Good for 20 - 30 pax


  • 40 pax museum tour
  • Good for 50 - 80 pax


  • 5 pax museum tour
  • Good for 30 - 50 pax

outdoor area

  • 70 pax museum tour
  • Good for 150 - 200 pax

bahAY Kubo

  • 25 pax museum tour
  • Good for 30 - 50 pax
Est. 1994